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February 2022 Project Update

New Releases of Architect, Interview, and Server Available Now

We are thrilled to announce the release of Architect Version 6.3.0, Interviewer Version 6.2.0, and Server Version 6.1.1 of the Network Canvas Suite. These releases are all available now for download directly from our website and through Google Play Store for Android. If you are a current user, the next time you open the software you will be prompted to upgrade to the latest release. 

In the latest releases, you will find a number of important new features, usability improvements, and bug fixes. Tour the major changes implemented by watching our video here

Updates include:

  • A new automatic layout feature for the sociogram interface. This feature is configurable in the stage editor of the sociogram within Architect and, when implemented, immediately positions nodes using a spring embedded layout.
  • Within Architect, the add a stage screen has been improved to support finding an interface by searching for keywords, or filtering by capabilities.
  • We improved the experience for those working with roster data by designing a new interface that replaces the old small and large roster name generators. It retains all the previous features, and dynamically adapts its behavior based on the size of the roster. Please note that existing protocols will continue to use the legacy roster interfaces until updated.
  • New variable creation and renaming functionality has been implemented to make it easier to change or rename variables within field editors. 
  • Many small bug fixes and usability improvements!

Schema Version 6 

These newest releases update the schema version of the software in order to support the newly added features. All existing protocols can be updated in Architect, if you wish to implement the new features. However, old protocols (schema 5) can continue to be used in the new version of Interviewer but your protocol will not be able to take advantage of the new features without the upgrade to schema 6. To upgrade your protocol to the new schema, open it within Architect 6.3.0 and follow the instructions within the pop-up notification.

Maintenance Mode

The release of these latest versions, also marks a shift for our project going forward. We are now entering “maintenance mode” where we anticipate regular bug fixes and security updates as needed, but no future substantial changes to the software. The Network Canvas Suite will continue to remain open-source and available to all who wish to use or extend it. We continue to encourage contributions to our code for future improvements and welcome all suggestions for how to improve documentation to make the tool as user-friendly as possible. 

 Future Projects

Future projects are in the works, so please look for an update later this spring once we are able to share more! As always, our team is grateful for the ongoing support we receive from the community and thank you for partnering with us to make this tool what it is. 

As always, please feel free to create a post on our user community to discuss any ideas you may have further.

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