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Categorical Bin

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Name interpreter


Categorical attributes

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The Categorical Bin is a name interpreter Interface that collects nominal data on the alters in a participant’s network. When using the Categorical Bin, participants drag and drop alters one-by-one into colorful circles which each represent a category of the categorical variable. Once placed, participants can tap on any category and move alters within that category to any other.

Configuring Categorical Bin

A Categorical Bin screen can include multiple prompts, each of which relates to a single categorical variable.

Additionally an other variable can be specified for custom responses that don’t fit into the pre-configured categories.

Configuring the 'other' variable for a categorical bin prompt
Configuring the 'other' variable for a categorical bin prompt

Best Practices

  • Use this Interface to collect nominal data on alters. Although a Toggle Button Group can be added as an input control on other interfaces, the drag and drop functionality on the Categorical Bin provides a tactile method to capturing these data that is engaging for participants.

Try to Avoid

  • Avoid using more than eight categories on this Interface. More categories cause the category labels to be difficult to read and the other visual compromises on the Interface become compromised.

  • Avoid using the Categorical Bin to capture dichotomous variables. Dichotomous variables are best captured using the Toggle input control (on a Name Generator or Per Alter Form) or using the variable toggling feature on the Sociogram.

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