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Ego Form

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Ego Interpreter


Ego attribute data

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The Ego Form is an interface that collects data on your participant (ego). When using the Ego Form, participants complete a form about themselves that consists of one or more fields. This Interface also contains an embedded introductory panel where the purpose of the form can be described to a participant.

Configuring Ego Form

The configurable form determines which variables will be assigned to the ego section of the network.


Best Practices

  • Use this Interface as a simple way to collect attribute data on each participant in your study.

  • Consider adding this Interface toward the beginning of your survey to capture data on your participant before asking them to provide data on the individuals in their network.

Try to Avoid

  • Avoid overloading the form with too many fields and/or text-heavy prompts which make the Interface burdensome to complete.

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