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Publications using Network Canvas

Explore our collection of published papers demonstrating applications and impactful research conducted using Network Canvas. These papers showcase the versatility of Network Canvas in capturing, analyzing, and interpreting social network data across different domains.

If you or your team have recently published using Network Canvas or have feedback to share, reach out to us at or comment in this thread.

Network Canvas: an open-source tool for capturing social and contact network data

Janulis P, Phillips G, Melville J, Schneider et al, 2023

International journal of epidemiology

Assessing Reach and Adoption of a New Approach to Increase HIV Testing and PrEP Knowledge Using HIV Self-Test Kit Distribution Through PrEP Clients’ Social Networks

Johnson A, Butts S, Rodriguez E, Schneider et al, 2023

Journal of acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

Social/Sexual Networks of People Newly Diagnosed with HIV in Ibadan, Nigeria

Phillips G, Rodriguez-Ortiz A, Adewumi O, Schneider et al, 2023

AIDS and behavior

Tribal Reservation Adolescent Connections Study: a study protocol using mixed methods for examining social networks and associated outcomes among American Indian youth on a Northern Plains reservation

Schultz K, Ivanich J, Whitesell N, Zacher T, 2023

Child abuse & neglect

Effects of a peer advocacy intervention on cervical cancer screening among social network members: results of a randomized controlled trial in Uganda

Wagner G, Matovu J, Juncker M, Schneider et al, 2023

Journal of behavioral medicine

Integrating and disseminating pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) screening and dispensing for black men who have sex with men in Atlanta, Georgia: Protocol for community pharmacies

Crawford N, Harrington K, Alohan D, Schneider et al, 2022

JMIR research protocols

Co-Rumination in Social Networks

Jones S, Heerey E, 2022

Emerging Adulthood

Social network-based group intervention to promote uptake of cervical cancer screening in Uganda: study protocol for a pilot randomized controlled trial

Wanyenze R, Matovu J, Bouskill K, Schneider et al, 2022

Pilot and feasibility studies

Network Canvas: Key decisions in the design of an interviewer assisted network data collection software suite

Birkett M, Melville J, Janulis P, Schneider et al, 2021

Social networks

Using the think-aloud method to assess the feasibility and acceptability of Network Canvas among Black men who have sex with men and transgender persons: Qualitative analysis

Crawford N, Josma D, Harrington K, Schneider et al, 2021

JMIR formative research

Kreft C, Angst M, Huber R, Finger R, 2021

Data in brief

Tracking the trajectories of international students’ pragmatic choices in studying abroad in China: a social network perspective

Li C, Li W, Ren W, 2021

Language culture and curriculum

Assessing the stability of egocentric networks over time using the digital participant-aided sociogram tool Network Canvas

Hogan B, Janulis P, Phillips G, Schneider et al, 2020

Network science

Health prototype and pilot protocol to enhance social support for persons living with dementia

Corazzini K, Bailey Dchip, Wright-Freeman K, Schneider et al, 2019

Innovation in Aging

Utilization and avoidance of sexual health services and providers by YMSM and transgender youth assigned male at birth in Chicago

Phillips G, Neray B, Janulis P, Schneider et al, 2019

AIDS care

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