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A home for tutorials, guides, and project information about the Network Canvas project.

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Welcome to our documentation portal, and thank you for your interest in the Network Canvas project. Producing documentation is a top priority for our team, but it will take us some time to cover everything. If you spot a gap in our documentation, or have a question, please feel free to contact us. In the meantime, thank you for your patience!

Using this site

Search function

We encourage you to use the search function at the top of each page to find articles on any given topic. Our pages are heavily interlinked, and information is necessarily spread around.


Please explore the pages and headings to the left. Aside from some top-level pages (such as the Project Overview and the Installation Guide), the bulk of our documentation is under the following headings:

  • Tutorials - where you will find in-depth articles that take you through the most fundamental tasks you can accomplish with the software, such as building a protocol, running it in Interviewer, and exporting data.
  • Key Concepts - which has self-contained articles on all the fundamental concepts within the Network Canvas software.
  • Interface Documentation - if you are looking for specific information about the configuration options of an interface, this section contains a page dedicated to each type.
  • Technical Documentation - if you have more advanced technical questions, such as about the security implementation, or how to develop your own custom functionality within Network Canvas, this section provides articles on a variety of technical topics.

Away from these sections, we have also created a section to help with the practical aspects of conducting a study using the Network Canvas software. The Research Design section covers:

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