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Tie-Strength Census 

Tie-Strength Census Interface
Tie-Strength Census Interface

Edge Generator/Edge Interpreter

Edges with weight stored on an ordinal variable

Uses Prompts:

The Tie-Strength Census interface is similar to the Dyad Census in terms of user experience, but has the additional benefit of assigning an ordinal variable value to each edge that is created.

For each pair of alters, the participant will be able to indicate if a tie is present by indicating the strength of that tie. The participant can also indicate that a tie is not present between the pair. Selecting an option will automatically advance to the next pair, creating a stremlined and low-burden experience.

If your interview uses the dyad census method (as opposed to creating edges using the Sociogram interface) and you are also interested in tie strength, consider using this interface to reduce the response burden on your participants.

To configure this interface in Architect, you will first determine the node type for which edges will be created. Next you will configure one or more prompts, with each prompt specifying:

Best Practices

Use this interface in scenarios where you are already using a Dyad Census and wish to also collect data about the strength of a tie.

Try to Avoid

Avoid using this interface in an interview that also uses the Sociogram to create edges.

Do not use ordinal variables with more than 5 options, since this will create a very crowded interface.