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Contributing Code 

Contributing Code to Network Canvas

We welcome all code contributions, however small. These could take the form of bug fixes, new features, or improvements to existing functionality. We do not (yet) have a formal developer contribution guide. Please contact us on GitHub should you have specific questions regarding technical matters.

We will evaluate all requests to merge code into the main repositories according to the following criteria:

  1. Sustainability of proposed addition. It is essential that any contribution not hinder the overall sustainability of the project. Factors that may impact this include centralization, the use of paid third-party services, and the use of technologies that are obsolete or unmaintained.
  2. Maintainability of proposed addition. We must be capable of reasonably maintaining and upgrading the proposed addition. This means the contribution must be of a high technical quality, and must include accompanying technical documentation.
  3. General-purpose utility to Network Canvas end-users. The proposed addition must be of clear benefit to a significant element of our end-users. Features unique to individual research projects or experiments do not make good candidates for inclusion in the main repositories.
  4. Alignment with product purpose. The proposed addition must offer a meaningful enhancement to the tool for its intended purpose, which is to simplify complex network data collection.

For a contribution to be considered for merging into the main repositories, all authors must submit a copyright transfer agreement (CTA), that grants CODACO copyright holder status. This agreement will be provided upon request.

Authors are entitled to recognition for their contributions. The nature of this recognition should be proportional to the level of contribution, and will be discussed as appropriate.

Decisions regarding merging external code contributions into the main repositories are made solely by the CODACO Board of Directors following a simple majority rule. In the event of a tie, the motion to merge external code is deemed to have failed to pass.

To submit code for consideration, file a pull request (PR) in the relevant GitHub repository, or create a post on our user community.

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The Complex Data Collective (CODACO) is a registered nonprofit whose purpose is to design, develop, and promote digital tools that allow researchers to explore complex structural data. See the CODACO By-Laws for specific governance, membership, and regulations:

CODACO is the sole copyright holder of the Network Canvas Software.

The Network Canvas Software

The Network Canvas Software consists of three software applications (Architect, Interviewer, and Fresco), their associated libraries, and their source code. This software was created by the core Network Canvas project team and their external contracted developers, with support by the National Institute of Health (R01 DA042711).

The Network Canvas project repositories (“main repositories”) are located under the CODACO GitHub organization:

Core Network Canvas Project Team

The core Network Canvas project team consists of the following individuals: