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Overview of Security Model 

Security is an important consideration when handling study data.

What data needs to be secured


Protocols not only include the general structure of an interview but any datasets that are necessary to conduct an interview. For example a study in a school may include a roster of the names of other classmates.

Session data

Session data is the term used to describe participant response data. This may include sensitive personal information, especially in the domain of healthcare. The applications also store metadata, including the date that the session was conducted which may reveal participant whereabouts.

App configuration and metadata

Each app stores a metadata about protocols as well as application-specific settings.

In Interviewer:

In Architect:

How data is secured

Data at rest

The main application data stores are unencrypted at rest, this applies to:

Because data stores are not encrypted it is important that operating system level security features are in use.

Disk encryption

Disk encryption should be enabled to ensure that data cannot be accessed if the device is lost or stolen.

In Windows this feature is called "Device encryption" For macOS this feature is called "FileVault". In android this feature is called "Full-Disk Encryption". iOS encrypts the device by default. For Linux, it will depend on the distribution; Ubuntu comes with out-the-box disk encryption using LUKS with LVM.

Secure passwords

Your device(s) should be configured with strong passwords and to lock automatically from inactivity - or better yet should be manually locked when not in use. This is to prevent access to data when you or the user are not present.