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Citing the Software 

We ask you to please cite us in publications or presentations that are created from any research, clinical, educational, or other applicable use of the Network Canvas Suite or any of its components. Through your citation of the software, we are able to measure its impact and track the ways in which it is being used.

Primary Citation

Studies that have used Network Canvas to capture data from their study participants should cite the Interviewer software itself. If this is the case we recommend:

Complex Data Collective. Network Canvas Interviewer. 2016.

A BibTeX entry for LaTex users is:

   organization = {Complex Data Collective},
   title        = {Network Canvas: Interviewer},
   url          = {}
   year         = 2016
   doi          =


When wishing to specifically reference Architect, you may use:

Complex Data Collective. Network Canvas Architect. 2016.

Citing the Design of the Software

You may wish to cite an academic publication describing the design of the software suite. If this is the case we recommend:

Birkett M, Melville J, Janulis P, Phillips G 2nd, Contractor N, Hogan B. Network Canvas: Key decisions in the design of an interviewer-assisted network data collection software suite. Social Networks. 2021;66:114-124. https://doi:10.1016/j.socnet.2021.02.003

Citing Evaluations of the Software

You may wish to cite an evaluation of the software when discussing it in your research or grant materials. If this is the case, we recommend these papers:

Hogan, B., Melville, J., Phillips II, G., Janulis, P., Contractor, N., Mustanski, B., & Birkett, M. (2016). Evaluating the Paper-to-Screen Translation of Participant-Aided Sociograms with High-Risk Participants. In Proceedings of the 2016 Conference on Human Factors in Computing (CHI ‘16). San Jose, CA.

Hogan, B., Janulis, P., Phillips II, G., Melville, J., Mustanski, B., Contractor, N., & Birkett, M. Assessing the stability of ego-centered networks over time using the digital participant-aided sociogram tool Network Canvas. Network Science. (Camb Univ Press). 2020;8(2):204-222. https://doi:10.1017/nws.2019.27

Network Canvas GitHub URLs

URLs for Network Canvas software repositories are:

Current downloads for the Network Canvas Software Suite are available at: